The Piece

Plastic Plant is a 3D puzzle that you can shape to create  the plant according to your mood. It doesn’t need any water or light, it grows following your imagination.

The three keywords I used were PLANT, TRANSPARENT and PERCPECTIVE

About the plexi-plant.

I was wondering about the status of traditional plastic plants; Why it could be an interesting object for people? Why people buy it? The answers were trivial: it’s decorative, you don’t have to take care of it and it doesn’t die like an organic plant. OK. But how to make a fake plant with a transparent material different than the usual? Couldn’t we do something more interesting than a conventional one?

I came up with the idea that you can create and shape your own plant as you wish by combining small elements, like a 3D puzzle. Small or big, with a lot of leaves/branches or not. I started to draw those pieces with the inspiration of a real one and I finally ended up with some shapes that you can assemble together.

Regarding the metallic base.

I was interested in transforming the closed cubes I’m drawing in an open 3D grid-like to use as a matrix on top of which the plant can “grow”.

About Capucine

My name is Capucine. I am 23 years old and I came from Brittany in France, near the sea. I studied Visual Arts for one year in Paris and have a bachelor in visual communication at la HEAD in Geneva. I’m currently studying a Master in Spaces and Communication at HEAD.




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