The piece

“To see the music”

Thibault keywords were dislocation, childish and touch.

When Thibault Krauer was a child, he used to play tennis so much that he would break the grip of the racket, as a result, he found himself fixing it quite often. He also remembers playing with the tapes of his old cassettes, the idea for this project was to bring into life a good old desire “to see the music” and to let it get out of their boxes. So he let the music take control of the box and bring it to light, the concept touch is reflected by the fact that the film of cassettes is not meant to be touched, and by placing it in another contest as a lamp, it is decontextualising the untouchable aspect of it.

Thibault kept the size of a standard cassette box and multiplied it by four, therefor, there was a visual link between the objet before and after transformation. He simplified the shape of the box by using some sticks of plexiglass instead of plates as the visual effect and weight is better.

The electric part comes from a recycled lamp, as it is the simplest circuit that can be done. The minimalist support is fixed at the bottom of the structure and appears as simple as the electric system.

The film is gripping the box with a spinning movement. The intensity of the layers starts from the bottom to the top with a degraded effect to create different intensity of lighting. It actually seems hard for the tape to take advantage of the box due to its length. One single film was used to enrol the whole structure.


About Thibault
Thibault Krauer is a 22 years old student, this year he started a bachelor design in Interior Architecture at the HEAD after studying at the EPFL for 3 semesters in Architecture. He is interested in chair design and the idea of doing things yourself. He is also passionate about music especially the one that comes from old records like the vinyls, CDs and recently, the cassettes. The blues is what moves Thibault the most.

Thibault’s process
To create this piece, Thibault Krauer started by drawing a photo of Yayoi Kusama’s “Give me Love” without looking at the paper, this was the result:


The second step of the process was to create a dress following the words suggested by that drawing:


Thibault’s keywords born from these were: DISLOCATION, TOUCH, CHILDISH

And he started working on his project…





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