The piece


This is a game and the output of the following ingredients: dimension, animality and suction cup.

Does an object have a social dimension? How to get people together and to create an interaction between them through an object? This is why Tabea decided to create a game which is easily accessible and playable wherever you find a window or another smooth surface. The game is based on the well-known Dart and a simple color concept. The aim is to place the mixed colours in between the related primary colours by throwing the objects against a window. The players are performing alternately, after dividing the objects randomly between them in the beginning of each turn.


About Tabea
After an apprenticeship as a typographer/lithographer Tabea started studying graphic design at the HEAD and is now in her final year. She is passionated by typography, books and printed matters—but every opportunity to get far away from the screen and to learn something new is welcome.

Tabea’s process


This picture was an inspiration in the beginning of the process, Tabea liked the ambiguity it creates.

© Markus Spicher


To create this piece, Tabea Ott started by drawing a photo of Yayoi Kusama’s “Give me Love” without looking at the paper, this was the result:


The second step of the process was to create a dress following the words suggested by that drawing:


Tabea’s keywords born from these were: DIMENSION, ANIMALITY, SUCTION CUP

And she started working on her project:




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