The piece


“Distorted perception” is a project Rahel realised while a one week workshop with the Yarza Twins at HEAD Geneva. Four particularly created glasses change the perception of the wearer and create a special experience of perceiving the world surrounding us. The concept was develop referring the following three keywords: DRUGS, NAKED, SPLIT.


About Rahel
Rahel is currently completing the last year of her Bachelor degree in Visual Communication at HEAD Geneva. She really loves her studies and is able to experience a wide range of different aspects of Visual Communication. Still, she can’t wait to get out into the world of design and is very eager to learn more about what this exciting genre has to offer. She is passionate about typography and straight forward graphic design. Rahel is always into challenge herself with new and exciting projects. Furthermore traveling is a great source of inspiration for her, as she loves getting to know new cultures and inspiring people form all over the world. 

Rahel’s process
To create this piece, Rahel Oberhummer started by drawing a photo of Yayoi Kusama’s “Give me Love” without looking at the paper, this was the result:


The second step of the process was to create a dress following the words suggested by that drawing:


Rahel’s keywords born from these were: DRUGS, NAKED, SPLIT

First of all, Rahel realised mind maps for each of the keywords to broaden up the research and to discover different ways how to create a concept based on the 3 cues. As a result of the mind maps Rahel has chosen the following angles of the keywords:
DRUGS changing perception
SPLIT contrast
Furthermore she decided that each keyword with it’s corresponding angle is influencing a particular part of the concept, as it is going to be explained in the following process.
DRUGS changing perception
The keyword “DRUGS changing perception”, was the central point to elaborate the idea of the object. As different drugs have different effects on our senses, Rahel wanted to evolve different variations which are inspired by this modifying effects. That’s why she ended up creating 4 different glasses which change the view and perception of the wearer. Each glass represents a different angle and changes the way the wearer perceives the world around him. For the user the result is often very surprising and confusing.
Rahel decided to use the cue “NAKED raw”, especially for the realisation of the main glasses frame. She has chosen to use one single material to create the frame and furthermore not changing it more then just by bending it. In addition the design of the class frame is kept very simple and light to achieve that it doesn’t cover a lot of the face and that the wearer doesn’t feel enclosed.
SPLIT contrast
In the last part of the project the students had to photograph and create a way to communicate their realised projects. That’s why Rahel took an effective choice and separated the visual environment of the object with it’s communication design. This was especially based on the keyword “SPLIT contrast” which she decided to involve in this part. Moreover Rahel choose this approach to investigate the connection in between the reality, the representation of reality and the hallucination of reality as an effect of drug consumption, just as the perception of the glasses can only be experienced while wearing them in reality.







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