The piece


Starting from the words blind loud ghost, Pierre started to work on the idea of a piece of furniture that would only come alive in the dark. After testing different materials, he decided to use reflective tape, which, in an environment where the lighting is controlled, appears only on a picture that’s been taken with a flash. Keeping this property, that fitted his concept, he designed a sort of floating grid, in which he could « draw » the hidden shape he wanted. In that case it was the actual table that was elevated, and seemed to be weirdly floating above its initial, « daily » position. One more eye, as a title, references both the idea of the third eye, of seeing something more than what seems to be in front of us, and the actual « eye » of the camera, which you need to add to your two natural eyes in order to experience the object.


About Pierre
After studying in his hometown Geneva, until he graduated at HEAD in Visual Communication, Pierre Barada has been working as a graphic designer in Croatia, his other country. But, having enjoyed the open minded approach of this school, and being attracted to the possible links between seemingly different design fields, which I think fits more and more today’s landscape, I decided to enroll back at HEAD Genève in the Spaces and Communication Master’s degree. While working both in real environments and with a variety of different mediums, I’m now aiming to better define my identity as a designer while still learning and enjoying unexpected things.

Pierre’s process
To create this piece, Pierre Barada started by drawing a photo of Yayoi Kusama’s “Give me Love” without looking at the paper, this was the result:


The second step of the process was to create a dress following the words suggested by that drawing:


Pierre’s keywords born from these were: LOUD, BLIND, GHOST





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