The piece
Millions, Hidden, Perfumes

Laure Manches created an object for her own practice of design taking the inspiration phase of the creative process as the object itself.

The object created is a kind of board that can be draw on and cleaned over and over, so it is an object but also a bank of the pictures that result of the use of the board.

This process is ephemeral, as a result of this experimental research.

Laure’s keywords born from these were: MILLIONS, DARK, PERFUME

And she started working on her project, (explanation of the project and its process here).

Flat surfaces were chosen for their nice format and nice shades. As Laure found them inspiring, she wanted to draw on them because they swept and they had a glossy and unreal finish that helped her imagine new shapes. She found as well the reflections quite inspiring, as these allowed a submersion directly into reality in contrast with the drawings. All these elements joint together would conform a new visual vocabulary of shapes, materials, colours and lights.

The illustrations
The images selected for this performance varied from ancient script tablets, eyes, symbols, typography… most of them repeated into patterns.

There are two different process existing in this project:

1. The phase of creativity, that involves lateral thinking would include in this process not just sketches on a blank paper but also exhibitions and conversations as a key element of inspiration. Also, to have freedom on your creative process, gives you the chance to create what you like, and therefor you work harder on it.

2. The phases of production and finalisation, that involve techniques, precision and good time management. If you feel in a creative or collecting mode, because you are relaxed and have time for you, it’s good to have nice tools to express it and to keep it in mind. And not to do it especially as a first phase for a new project.

Then when you are in a situation where you have to manage your time and find great ideas in the same time you definitely earn time to go back into your personal background of abilities. And then you have more time to work about techniques, and to do something finished and precise.

Laure already knew how to work with 3D programmes because she works closely to CNC productions than pens, but it’s good to change and she felt she wanted to explore a more graphic practice of design for this workshop. New times, new ways.


About Laure

French electronic DIYer, graphic and space designer Laure Manhes focuses her work on the essential characteristics of space itself and visuals such as lines, colours, shapes or lights through virtual or real spaces, by means of both digital precision and digital aesthetics. She experiments the frontier that exists between the 2 dimension between the page and the screen and the 3 dimension space of the reality through drawings, sculptures, mapping projections and 3D models. 
Most of the time this process is applied to live performances, scenography, films or applied to daily life objects. Another side of her work involves twisting some techniques to adapt them to new ways of creating. She works both with her computer and IRL materials and technologies like 3D printing or laser etching.

Laure’s process
To create this piece, Laure Manhes started by drawing a photo of Yayoi Kusama’s “Give me Love” without looking at the paper, this was the result:

The second step of the process was to create a dress following the words suggested by that drawing:



Laure started working with plastic bags as a response to her keywords, and it was later when she discovered the process that she would develop later.







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