The piece


After a few exercises of reflexion given by Eva and Marta Yarza, Dorian Haubois came up with the following words to define his concept: KAPLAS, MESSY & PLEASANT.

He tried to create an object that would  combine these three things and chose to make a stool because it is a basic piece of furniture that can be reinvented every time and with endless possibilities. Since the main goal of this workshop was to create a new thing out of old materials / objects, Dorian decided to use exclusively wooden pallets to make the stool – and some nails to maintain the structure! – The materials fit the idea of KAPLAS pretty well, since both of those things are assembled rectangular pieces of wood.

In his creation, Dorian wanted to transcribe the idea of MESSY in an obvious manner, that is why the bottom of the stool is as it is, a complete mess of random wooden planks.

About the PLEASANT part of the concept, he chose to sand the wood a lot, and not to let it as when you find it in the street. The surface of the fabric is now smooth and clean, you can sit there safety!

The name for this piece, “Tabourette de Chalet” comes from French: Tabouret=stool, “ette” for “palette” – palet in French, and “de Chalet” because someone asked him if it was designed to be in a chalet and he thought that it was an interesting question.


About Dorian
Dorian Haubois is a 19 years old French student living in Savoy but currently studying Product / Jewellery / Accessories Design at HEAD—Genèva. He is currently studying the first year of Bachelor, and he is greatly passionate about design in general, but especially about everything related to products, graphism and 3D modeling. He also love watches!

Dorian’s process
To create this piece, Dorian Haubois started by drawing a photo of Yayoi Kusama’s “Give me Love” without looking at the paper, this was the result:


The second step of the process was to create a dress following the words suggested by that drawing:




Have a look bellow at Dorian’s photos of the creation and building of “Tabourette de Chalet”







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