The piece

A funny bubble game…


About Carolina
Carolina, born in Italy, has studied interior design in the Institute European of Design in Milan.

During her studies, what she found interesting was working around people from different cultures, sharing different ideas, regardless of the difficulty of languages and communication. Thus her current stay in Geneva, an international city, where she is doing a master in Spaces and Communication at the Haute Ecole d’ art et de design, after one year of a work experience in a retail design company in Milan.

In this master, she is having the possibility of meeting a lot of exciting designers. 

She is developing her skills in many fields, like sound design, performance art, etc.. and learning how to be critical with her work. 

Thanks to her roots and her cultural trips around the world, she continues her path as a designer-artist- with a creative mind. 



About Blanche
Blanche is a Parisian native designer, that started her studies in Reims, a small and cute city in the Champagne region of France, where she did a bachelor in product design at Ecole Sueprieure d’Art et Design.

Attracted by graphic design, contemporary dance, museography, videos and trips, she decided to move to Switzerland to do a Master in Space and Communication, in order to explore the huge and crazy scenography world.

Carolina & Blanche’s process
To create this piece, Carolina Chiariotti and Blanche Lafarge started by drawing a photo of Yayoi Kusama’s “Give me Love” without looking at the paper, this was the result:



The second step of the process was to create a dress following the words suggested by that drawing:


Carolina and Blanche’s keywords born from these were: WATER, BUBBLE, DIRTY, SYMBOLOGY, KEY

Carolina and Blanche looked at each other’s drawings in the beginning of the workshop, and decided to mix their concepts together. Bubbles and signs, that was the starting point of their process.

They experimented with transparent latex balloons, by filling them with water, and adding several materials to it in order to create interesting reactions between both.

This process was translated later on to a game, where people would try to guess what’s hidden inside of these floating aquariums through rebus’s papers.

The floating aquariums take place inside of a wooden structure, around which the spectators wander and discover one by one the different recipients in a funny and indirect way.



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